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The Process

A centralized platform to easily manage and coordinate all your internal and external innovation initiatives.

Form Registration

Upon completing the registration process, both SMEs and importers will have access to the matchmaking platform

Entrepreneur Interview 

A thorough due diligence will be carried out in order for the SME to demonstrate its eligibility to access the dedicated online platform

Contract signature and annual fee

Following the successful outcome the SME will sign the contract and will be granted access to the platform and the creation of the personal digital storefront

Importers web access

Following the successful evaluation of the eligibility criteria, the importer will access the online platform creating its digital storefront

Product selection for sale

For the choice and selection of the product, costs and volumes to be allocated to export activities will have to be identified

Importer selection following market analysis

The research of target importers will result in the selection of the ideal candidates interested in btob matching woth selected SMEs

Export Team

A professional export team, responsible to provide the specialist support services as identified to support the step by step internationalization process, will be set up


For each phase in the process, detailed reports will be published in order to keep the SME up to date on the end-to-end export process

Dedicated digital folder

Within each digital storefront and profile (for both exporter and importer) there will be a dedicated folder with all the relevant documents for each step of the process

Smart Contract

We have set up a standard contract that will be personalized to regulate the terms and conditions of the international trade between the parties

Virtual matching

Within the virtual room, the negotiator and the importer will define the contractual terms and conditions in order to reach a balanced agreement

Smart contract signature

Following the final negotiation, both SME and importer will receive the final contract version to be signed